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We provide a full range of property management services to ensure that all of your property management needs are completely taken care of.

Provided below is a detailed description of some of the services that we provide:


  • Manage collection of rent payments and deposits
  • Payment and reporting of operating expenses
  • Manage security deposits in a separate account
  • Financial statements and reports available on monthly basis
  • Initiate automatic payment of additional operating expenses if requested by owner.   This may be applicable for expenses such as owner-paid utility bills, etc.


  • Perform cleaning or maintenance service for common areas of building and grounds, if applicable
  • Perform repairs for miscellaneous issues as needed
  • Perform routine maintenance of major equipment such has heating and air conditioning system, water heater, etc.
  • Solicit specialized contractors to perform certain repairs as needed
  • Regular inspections of the property
  • Note that repairs can either be completed by our handymen on staff at a fixed rate per hour, plus materials, or the repair can be contracted out, whichever is most economical.


  • Advertising conducted through online resources
  • Advertising via banners and signs
  • Facilitating calls from prospective tenants and coordinating showings
  • Manage showing of apartment to prospective tenants
  • Perform background checks including verification of employment and credit history
  • Perform national criminal background checks and eviction checks
  • Recommend screened applicants to owner, with all supporting information for approval
  • Coordinate lease signing with approved tenant
  • Review all rules, regulations, and expectations with new tenant
  • Our licensed leasing agent signs leases on behalf of management company
  • Obtain move-in condition report from each new tenant (This form documents any concerns or complaints they may have about the condition of the property and to ensure proper record of the condition of the property.)
  • Ensure that the tenant places the applicable utilities in their own name

Rental Rate Optimization

  • Rental rates are selected to yield the best income for the owner. We strive to obtain the highest rent rate possible while ensuring the rate is competitive in the market to attract a number of high quality candidates.  Owners should keep in mind that potentially extending a vacancy by one or more months to seek an incrementally higher rent rate and receiving less interested and qualified candidates can end up costing the owner more in time and money


  • Be on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week for tenant and maintenance emergencies
  • Maintain records of all contracts, proposals, tenant correspondence, applications and bank statements
  • Maintain records of tenant and maintenance requests
  • Coordinate apartment turnovers with appropriate advertising and rental showings
  • Coordinate with process servers to serve legal notices to tenants as needed
  • Utilize leases and other documents that adhere to the State of Illinois Landlord-Tenant Act and Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance and clearly explain landlord rights and tenants responsibilities


  • We work with specialized attorneys that provide services to handle any eviction situation
  • Work with process servers to serve notarized legal notices when needed
  • Attend court dates with attorneys as needed
  • Ensure as smooth and efficient of a process as possible

Other Services

  • Real estate brokerage services for clients that wish to buy or sell property
  • Investment partnership opportunities
  • Private lending opportunities for clients seeking healthy fixed rate of returns
  • Off-market wholesale deals.  We market to find distressed home sellers via direct mail and online.

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