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By hiring property management specialists you can ensure that your investment continues to operate smoothly, earn income, and that you can have the time to focus on what it is important to you. Don’t stress yourself out with the demands of being a landlord when Paragon Property Management can operate your real estate assets for you. Look to us for all your property management needs for the gain the following advantages:

The Paragon Advantage:

  • Team – we have a team in place to tackle all aspects of property management for you:
    • Property Management
    • Leasing
    • Administration
    • Maintenance and Repair
    • Accounting
    • Reporting
  • Experience– We have been managing properties across Chicago for over a decade.  Both as direct investors like yourself, and as professional management service provider for local and out-of-state investor clients.
  • Economies of Scale– The large number of properties under our management allow us to gain excellent economies of scale, allowing you efficiency and cost savings as compared to you managing on your own.
  • Systems and Processes– We have developed and implemented the systems and processes to ensure that all aspects of management of your property operate smoothly and efficiently.  We utilize integrated management software that allows us to keep information secure and organized, and to stay coordinated with owners, tenants, and maintenance staff.
  • Specialized Knowledge– We already have extensive experience, but still constantly work at improving our property management knowledge and processes.  We know what to expect from building and tenant management. We know what works and what does not in today’s market.
  • Buying Power– We have worked with numerous contractors and vendors throughout years in property management and performing apartment renovation projects.  Our network of resources and volume of work helps to bring the most competitive prices with outside contractors.
  • Network – Our network of vendors and contractors means that we often know the right people to work with for particular jobs if the scope is outside of our standard in-house services.
  • Housing Agency Experts – We are very experienced working with housing agencies such as Chicago Housing Agency Housing Choice Voucher program (formerly known as Section 8). Programs such as this can secure you steady rental income through government funded programs, but can be challenging to navigate the administrative systems, processes, paperwork, and inspections.  We can ensure your properties can succeed by working as efficiently as possible through these programs.
  • Troubled Property Turnaround – We are experienced with taking underperforming, troubled properties in challenging neighborhoods and turning them around through addressing immediate building safety and condition concerns, transitioning out problem tenants,  managing major renovations, and bringing in quality tenants.  Since we can succeed with challenging projects such as these, have confidence that we can succeed with your property.


Save yourself from the headaches of being a landlord and never again bother yourself with the following:

  • Advertising for rent
  • Showing apartment for rent
  • Screening applicants
  • Knowing and abiding by Fair Housing Laws
  • Securing new leases
  • Managing new tenant move-ins
  • Collecting and managing security deposits
  • Collecting Rent
  • Managing move-outs
  • Responding to tenant phone calls
  • Responding to maintenance requests
  • Working with Chicago Housing Authority and other rent subsidy programs
  • Accounting
  • Record Maintenance
  • Dealing with tenants who pay late or are in violation of lease

We will manage all these activities and more on your behalf as part of our complete property management service.



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